Accueil Services Pipelines
  • Evos Pipeline Services

    Simdev’s pipeline projects are completed under our division Evos Pipeline services. This division provides all required services for inspection, maintenance as well as pipeline network expansion projects.



  • Pipeline installation

    SIMDEV provides complete construction services for new pipeline constructions, pipeline section replacements, class upgrades and bypass installations.

    • Temporary access installation
    • Right-of-way clearing, grading and preparation
    • Ditching
    • Bare pipe coating or joint coating
    • Field pipeline welding
      • SIMDEV’s registered CSA Z662 pipeline welding procedures available
    • Bending
    • Pipe weights
    • Line lower-in
    • Directional drilling and crossings
    • Pressure testing
    • Tie-ins
    • Backfill
    • Slabbing
    • Reclaim

    All our services follow superior quality and safety execution methods with complete quality data recording, collection and analysis.

  • Integrity

    SIMDEV assists pipeline owners in ensuring the integrity of their installations. We act as a one-stop-shop for our customers by performing integrity digs, maintenance and repairs, as well as providing all required services to ensure optimal performance of the pipelines. We understand the importance of each of these activities and work in cooperation with our customers to complete their integrity programs safely and diligently.

    • Temporary access
    • Road digs
    • Field digs
    • Swamp digs
    • Semi-urban digs
    • Sleeve installations
    • Clockspring®, Petrosleeve® and Armor plate® installation
    • Sections cut outs and replacement
    • NDE support
    • Sandblast and recoat
    • Reclaim
    • Geotechnical remediation
    • Line lowering
    • Split Tee and bypass installation
    • Assistance to intelligent tool runs inspections
  • Facility work

    SIMDEV provides various construction services for stations projects, from minor maintenance to new facility constructions, all of which meet the highest quality and safety standards in the industry.

    Types of projects:

    • Installation of launchers and receivers
    • Station upgrade
    • Risers sand blasting and recoating
    • Structures modification
      • SIMDEV’S registered CSA W47.1 structure welding procedures available
    • Piling
    • Construction of new buildings and enclosures
    • Maintenance
  • Hydrostatic Testing

    SIMDEV provides on-site hydrotesting services for pipeline projects and maintenance activities. We supply the manpower, equipment, instrumentation and supervision necessary to test installations for potential leaks or defects and confirm the pipeline’s integrity.

    Services include:

    • Existing pipeline hydrotesting
    • New pipeline hydrotesting
    • Repaired sections hydrotesting
    • Fabrication piping hydrotesting
    • Hydrotest water treatment
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